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Boilers On Tap provides professional and detailed maintenance and servicing for your boiler. Completing regular boiler servicing and maintenance ever 12 months ensures that your boiler and heating system are working safely and efficiently. Regular checks are also important to ensure any issues or problems are identified early, and resolved as quickly as possible.

Why Should I Service My Boiler?

A neglected boiler can result in serious problems in the longer-term, which can cost you more money to repair. Regular boiler servicing helps minimise boiler breakdowns and can extend the life of the boiler. Our detail-oriented engineers are trained to identify even the most minor of faults that could escalate into a more serious problem. Servicing also helps to ensure your unit runs efficiently and effectively, which can help reduce your heating and fuel bills. Boilers that are not maintained properly can also pose a serious health risk since neglected gas boilers is the main cause of leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. Regular servicing and maintenance checks may also be mandatory for certain extended warranties.

Our Boiler Servicing and Maintenance Services

Boilers On Tap provides boiler servicing and safety inspections to ensure your boiler is operating efficiently. Our experienced and Gas Safe registered engineers will perform a visual inspection and an 18-point service check on your boiler. During our service visit, we will check to see that the boiler is in good working order and it operating safely. Our engineers will also check whether the boiler is producing dangerous carbon monoxide and that there is proper ventilation for harmful gases. We will also verify that the boiler’s settings are accurate and that the boiler is positioned correctly. We also perform gas fire checks and servicing.

Our qualified engineers are able to identify and resolve almost any issue with your boiler and heating system, including heat and water pressure issues. If you have any problems with your boiler, we will check your boiler and provide you with a free repair estimate. In addition to repairing any faulty boiler, we also clean heating systems. Our power flushing service injects water and cleaning products to remove sediment and sludge that accumulates in radiators and pipes, which may affect the operation of your boiler and the efficiency of your heating systems.

You can expect a timely response to any of your servicing or maintenance needs. Inspections and boiler servicing typically take between one and one-in-a-half hours, although the length of time needed to inspect and service your boiler will depend on the type of the boiler and how easy it is for our engineers to access the unit. Most of our cleaning and repairs can be completed in one day.