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Combination or Combi boilers are found more and more in homes throughout Europe. More than half of all new domestic boilers installed each year in the United Kingdom are combination boilers. Combi boilers heat your property and provide hot water instantly since heating and hot water come directly from the boiler. They are also more energy efficient than system or conventional boilers since water is only heated when needed rather than continuously heated within a storage tank. Boilers On Tap carries a wide range of Combi boilers, including models from Vaillant, Worcester Bosch, Alpha Heating Innovation, Vokèra, and others.

Unlike traditional system and conventional boilers, Combi boilers are more compact and require less space. Combi boilers feature integrated systems, which eliminates the need to have separate tanks, pumps, and valves. All these components are found within the boiler unit. These self-contained boilers do not have separate hot water cylinders, and combine central heating with hot water into one unit. Since the system is integrated, the need for parts repair is also reduced. You also save time and money on installation. Since there is no separate tank required and fewer components, we can install fewer pipes and finish our installation in a shorter period of time.

Since Combi boilers do not store water in a tank, you are left without hot water if your unit breaks down. In addition, while heating water on demand improves energy efficiency, the volume of available water can be reduced at any given moment. If your property has more than two bathrooms you might find that pressure is an issue when you are running hot water in more than one room. However, the benefits of installing a Combi boiler in terms of improved efficiency and potential savings in maintenance and energy costs help outweigh these few disadvantages.

While the size of system and conventional boilers depend on room size, materials, insulation and orientation, when determining the size of a Combi boiler we consider all these factors in addition to the ideal water flow rate. If you have more than one bathroom in your home, we can provide high flow rate combination boilers to ensure water pressure is not significantly reduced during simultaneous shower or bath use.