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Boiler Gas Safe Certified – Our Commitment to Safety

The professional staff at Boilers On Tap make safety their top priority. You can rest assured that when our professional and well-trained staff work on your boiler, they will do so with utmost care and safety in mind. You are also guaranteed that the gas engineer working on your boiler is legally qualified to do so, ensuring that our service is not only of high-quality, but that it also meets stringent safety requirements.

All Boilers On Tap employees are registered with the Gas Safe Register and are among the 123,000 gas engineers who carry Gas Safe Register identification cards. Registered gas engineers are qualified to fit a gas appliance and do additional gas-related work, including maintaining, servicing and repairing gas appliances, adjusting or disconnecting gas appliances, altering or renewing a fitting, or purging a gas appliance or component of air or gas. Our trained and fully qualified gas engineers work safely with gas carrying components, including combustion chamber seals that have broken. They are also qualified in identifying and resolving plumbing and electrical faults on gas appliances.

Our engineers carry their Gas Safe Register ID cards when they are working at your home or business, and they will show you their cards upon request. Each card has a unique licence number that you can verify online at or by calling the Gas Safer Register on 0800 408 5500.

About the Gas Safe Register

In 2009, the Gas Safe Register replaced the Council for Registered Gas Installers (CORGI) as the United Kingdom’s official natural gas engineer registration scheme. The register is the official list of qualified gas engineers in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, and Guernsey who are legally qualified to undertake natural gas related work. Registered engineers are qualified to work safely and legally on boilers, as well as cookers, gas fires, and other gas appliances. In addition to certifying gas engineers and regularly inspecting registered engineers, the Gas Safe Register investigates reports of unsafe work and individuals who are working illegally. It also raises awareness and educates the public about gas safety. The register is administered by the Capita Group for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).