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Boilers On Tap provides a wide range of maintenance and repair services, including repairs to leaking radiators and pipes. Whether a pipe to your radiator bursts in the middle of the night or you are experiencing a minor leak, our experienced heating engineers and plumbers are here to assist you.

The Benefits of Fixing a Leaky Radiator

Fixing a leak will ensure your heating systems operates safely and efficiently. Even the smallest of leaks can cause you more serious problems in the long-term, including water damage to your floor and walls. In the most extreme cases, settled water on wood floors near a leaky radiator can cause damp-related problems such as mould and dry or wet rot. Leaking radiators can also affect the overall performance and efficiency of your central heating system, as well as compromise the ability of your boiler or heating system to heat your property since water flow is restricted due to the leak.

Our Radiator Repair Service

Our fully-qualified heating engineers and plumbers thoroughly investigate the cause of your radiator leak in order to provide you with a reliable solution that will prevent reoccurrence. In many cases, leaks can be repaired by replacing the radiator’s sealant or valve. For more serious leaks, such as burst pipes, our plumbers will replace any damaged or corroded pipes and joints. They can also replace and install new radiators if they become damaged or unreliable.

Before our engineers or plumbers commence any repair work, they will offer you an accurate and fair quote free of charge. Where possible, they will also inform you of any alternative options to address the leak. For emergency leaks or burst pipes, Boilers On Tap is pleased to offer a 24-hour, 7-day a week emergency assistance line outside of regular business hours. In most cases, a heating engineer or plumber will be able to provide same-day assistance to fix your leak.

Leaks Caused by Corrosion

If corrosion is the cause of a leak, Boilers on Tap can provide you with options to clean your radiators and heating system in order to prevent further damage to your heating system. One option may include our power flushing service, which removes sediment and sludge that accumulates in pipes and radiators. This debris can lead to serious issues such as corrosion or improper or uneven heating. Sediment and sludge build-up can also affect your boiler’s efficiency. As part of the power flushing process, our engineers and plumbers introduce anti-rust products to protect your pipes and radiators, which help prevents future corrosion.