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Power flushing is an effective way of extending the life of your boiler and keeping your radiators working efficiently. During the power flushing process, chemicals are pumped through your system to clean debris and dirt build-up. You can also save money in the longer-term by power flushing your radiators since your heating system will run more efficiently without any partial or full blockages. You can also protect your boiler warranty by having your heating system flushed.

Do I Need a Power Flush?

You may need a power flush if you notice cold spots on your radiator, particularly in the middle or at the bottom of your unit. This happens as iron oxide sludge and other debris builds up and settles at the bottom of your radiators. This build-up prevents water from flowing throughout your boiler, which reduces heating efficiency. Other signs that you may need a power flush include banging noises coming from your boiler, black radiator water, brown and orange water stains on or near your radiator, blocked pipes, or uneven circulation of heat through your radiators. You should also flush your heating system if you are installing a boiler to ensure your new unit works effectively and efficiently.

Our Power Flush Service

In a matter of hours, we can have your system blockage-free. Typically, a power flush takes about four hours with little disturbance to you and your home or business. If there is a serious blockage and a high level of sludge in your system, the process can take a little longer but should not take longer than a day.

Boilers On Tap provides a comprehensive power flush service. We take our time to flush the entire system and we apply the best chemicals, including high-quality rust inhibitors and flushing products to reduce future corrosion. The process flushes built-up sludge, debris and dirt in all your radiators and pipes, ensuring the entire heating system is free of any blockages. We remove only one radiator, so the process results in very little disturbance. Our state-of-the-art power flush machines flow water and chemicals at a high velocity through your radiators, heating coils, and heating pipes. This process loosens and removes sediments and sludge that has accumulated in your heating system, while chemicals introduced into the water flow help with this cleansing process.

We take every effort to ensure we leave you with a clean heating system. Each radiator is individually flushed, and we will only finish our job after water samples indicate that the system is clean. After we flush the system with chemicals and water, we flow a small amount of neutraliser to minimise the effect of any residual chemicals from the cleaners we use. We also add a rust inhibitor throughout the system. The end product is a more efficient heating system, and you will be free of unpleasant sounds from your boiler.